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Apple To Opt For Its Own Custom 5G Antennas In 2020

2020 was marked long ago as the year for 5G iPhones to be launched by Apple. Reports do have it that the company is all set to launch iPhones with 5G capabilities this fall, with Qualcomm’s X55 modem powering the new iPhones. Qualcomm and Apple agreed a settlement last year, rather surprisingly, which saw Apple go ahead with its plans of launching iPhones with 5G capabilities powered by Qualcomm network chips. However, a recent report by Fast Company has revealed that Apple is planning to design its own 5G antenna instead of relying on Qualcomm’s hardware.

The reports clearly indicate that the move is not finalised but given Apple’s temporary relationship with Qualcomm, it might be the obvious thing for Apple to do in the future. The size of Qualcomm’s QTM525 antenna is too large for Apple to accommodate in its upcoming thin iPhones. Apple is considering two options to tackle that issue; either build thinner antennas of its own, or increase the thickness of iPhones to go ahead with using Qualcomm’s QTM525 antenna. The poor connectivity on offer for the higher band of connectivity, 5G devices are required to have multiple mmWave antennas. Apple had settled a lawsuit against Qualcomm recently and had agreed to take Qualcomm’s 5G antennas as Intel failed to provide them in Apple’s required timeline.

Apple’s list of problems increased by one as Google announced it will stop accepting subscriptions through Apple App Store to avoid paying Apple a chunk of the fees. On Thursday, YouTube TV customers received an email from the company stating that any payment for subscription made through the Apple’s App Store will no longer be accepted. Developers need to pay 30 percent of the subscription fees for 12 months to Apple’s App Store.

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