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Google criticised by former executive over human rights.

Google has been the subject of criticism from an executive who had formerly been working at the company and has claimed that the brand places priority on profits more than the human rights.

The moto of the company had previously been Don’t be Evil however as per the former head of their international relations, Ross Lajeunesse has said that things are not the same. The former executive who said goodbye to the company last year has written a huge blog post where he has launched a scathing attack on the company.

The ex-executive had pointed to the Project Dragonfly of Google which has now been abandoned and had been started for entering the Chinese markets again with a search engine which has a censorship and would definitely have allowed the authorities of China to track the search histories of the users. It had axed Dragonfly post the employees and lawmaker pushback however the executive claims that this episode is a major evidence of how Google is greedy and is abusing power.

LaJeunesse had joined Google in the year 2008 has been saying that he had tried to push the company for adopting a program formally where all of the product designs would be undergoing a review for impact they are going to have on the human rights however he felt that every time he would make a recommendation, the senior executives would come up with an excuse and say not as per him.

The justifications he said included the fear of the legal liabilities and their want to keep this issue solely in the oversight of the product teams of individuals and has argued that Google had side-lined him from the project altogether gradually.

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