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Glitter stink bomb 2.0 to deter porch pirates

A new version of the glitter bomb has been developed by a man which can actually prevent and also detect the porch pirates from stealing the packages outside people’s houses. Last year the person developed a type of bomb that actually helps to prevent the porches from being stolen.

The new version of the Glitter bomb which is called the Glitter bomb 2.0 explodes if touched and emits an unpleasant smell and also upload a video of the crime doer to the cloud.

According to statistics, more than 1.7 million packages go missing each day from outside of houses worldwide. The person who built the bomb is a former NASA engineer named Mark Rober who developed the bomb last year as one of his packages was stolen from outside of his house.

A video posted on YouTube has gone viral and has 77 million views. But later it had to be reposted again after discovering out the fact that most of the victims were actually the friends of one of the volunteers who had placed the porch.

The new video has been recently uploaded and has already garnered 13 million views. The video has been sponsored by a headphone maker and features the lead actor of Home Alone movie Macaulay Culkin who Mr Rober told provided main inspiration for his project.

In the video we can also see in the video saying that it took him more than 10 months to design, develop and test the bomb.

According to the police department in America alone, an estimated 23 million people are the victims of porch stealers and have had their packages stolen. The thieves are also becoming more and more outward and courageous in their acts and sometimes leave behind a note thanking the owner of the porch to gift him his package.

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