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Carnival Glory Cruise Ship to Undergo Repairs after Brief Collision

The cruise ship from Carnival Cruise Line is on its way to New Orleans after a collision took place between two of Carnival’s vessels, Carnival Glory and Carnival Legend while returning back to homeport.

Passengers who are scheduled to travel next on Carnival Glory have been updated on the condition of the cruise ship, along with an assurance that the next trip will go as per schedule to allay their fears. The accident happened at Cozumel while docking in the port.

Carnival Glory assures “fun for all”, so that passengers enjoy the various amenities provided in the ship. Activities, entertainment, and dining are its chief attractions.

Carnival Cruise Line states that the cruise trip will not be canceled. However, passengers have been sent letters informing that the cruise timing will be delayed by a few hours later than the original time. It is expected that the cruise ship will depart at midnight.

The company states that the ship is leaving for New Orleans and will be ready the next day to go as per schedule, but with a delay by a few hours. Pero Grubjesic, the captain of Glory says that there are no issues in returning back to New Orleans.

They have confirmed that all the features are operating well. All activities onboard the cruise will be offered as usual. A section of its aft Platinum Dining Room will not be functioning, says Carnival Cruise Line.

Grubjesic says in the letter that the collision was due to strong currents and unexpected wind gusts. The required authorities have inspected the ship and have assured that there are no major issues to be worried about.

The much-awaited, delicious Christmas dinner menu will be offered to the guests, assures the Carnival Company. The family-friendly environment has been attracting many guests on its ship.

The aft restaurant will be undergoing some cosmetic work to set right the damaged area.

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