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Stanford Updates Its Driverless DeLorean For Enhanced Drifting

There are a handful of experiences in this life more pure than getting a rented car sideways in your local parking lot in Nordstrom. Now, digital denizens are awarded the same advantage as humans due to a multi-year push by a Stanford-located research group. They have skilled a DeLorean to powerslide similar to a pro through over a kilometer of trial track.

Earlier in 2015, the group from Dynamic Design Lab in Stanford automated and electrified an ancient DeLorean, naming it Multiple Actuator Research Test bed for Yaw control (MARTY). Earlier then, it did simple jobs and nothing more. Moving 4 Years ahead and this thing is ruling the world now. MARTY is now able of drifting its way via a kilometer-long multi-turn test track in just minutes, while sliding together with human-akin accuracy. Granted, it is not going to be operating Mount Haruna without any errors though.

“We are making an effort to design automated cars that can manage slippery surfaces and emergency maneuvers such as snow or ice,” Chris Gerdes, the mechanical engineer, claimed to the media in an interview. “We would like to design automated cars that can employ all of the friction between the road and the tire to get the vehicle out of harm’s way. We need the car to be capable of avoiding any collisions that are avoidable within the physics’ laws.”

On a related note, Walmart is about to test autonomous delivery of grocery in a different manner. The firm is rolling out a pilot project in Houston that will employ self-driving R1 car by Nuro to deliver food from “specific” shops to users who have taken part into the program. The firms did not summarize how users might register, but people in Houston can hope for the service to begin in the “weeks to come.”

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