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Potato Growing Regions Affected by Frost May Hit French Fries Cost

Agriculture in the U.S. has not been doing well lately. To add to the farmers woo, the potato season has not been very good this year. In North America, farmers growing potatoes have seen a poor harvest.

French fries, the lovable food item may see a shortage in yield. With the potato harvest season not doing well, farmers are not able to produce enough potatoes to meet the heavy need of users.

As the fifth world’s largest producer of potatoes, this crop is the delight of farmers as it yields a heavy crop and is very profitable.

In the United States Idaho provides almost one-third of the total potato production. But with the harvest not good, it is said that it will not be producing its usual quantity of potato. Production is expected to be down by 5 percent in Idaho.

Total production of potato is expected to be lower by 6.1 percent from last year, according to reports from the Department of Agriculture in the U.S.  Wet weather conditions and frost have hampered growth in the potato growing regions.

However, Frank Muir the CEO of the Idaho Potato Commission says that about 85 percent of the crop was harvested before the cold frost hit the crops.

Regions like Ohio and Alberta were able to save their crops and store them. But in areas like North Dakota, Minnesota, and Manitoba, not much could be salvaged from the cold and frost.

In Canada, Manitoba, which is the second-largest province to grow potatoes, has not fared well with its potato harvest. The crop has not been harvested in about 12,000 acres of land, bringing the yield level down.

French fries lovers will find prices a bit high this season for their favorite dish. As large potatoes are preferred for making French fries, it is expected that prices may go up too, due to a shortage in supply.

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