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Alexa Can Reorder Your Go-To Meal From Chipotle

It just turned out to be disconcertingly simple to have Mexican food arrive at your place. Chipotle has launched an Alexa skill that allows you order your favorite food again for delivery. If you love a specific burrito bowl, you can have it delivered without any effort. You cannot start the order from beginning, unluckily, but it overtakes having to search through the mobile app when you are starving already.

To push the function, Chipotle is even attempting a promotional feat by pledging free Amazon Echo Dots (expectantly not the old version) to all members named Alexa from Chipotle Rewards. We speculate how many users will take up that deal, although—if you are named Alexa, you possibly do not need a smart device with your first moniker as the default wake phrase.

There are more serious enhancements, luckily. Chipotle is also launching out an in-house voice helper to all its places to help you to order and assist staff aim on serving you rather than the order’s formalities. You can pay more and avoid the queue, either at the drive-thru or the pickup counter. It is not quite as expedient as ordering tacos while you are on your couch, but it might make personal orders that much faster.

On a related note, if you are Blue Apron and you see Amazon intruding on your ground with key online partnerships and its own meal kits, what’s your next move? Make your kits available more widely, that’s what. In a reflection of its retail pledges from this year, kits from Blue Apron are now on sale via City Grocery service of—the first time they have been accessible via an online retailer. If you reside in the New York City region (including Jersey City and Hoboken), you can benefit from this deal.

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