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Good sleep increases maintaining physical health and cognitive health

It has been said that a good sleep in the night is important for the maintaining of cognitive and physical health. The bodies of humans have this knowledge instinctively and the researchers have been able to prove this time and again that this is true.

There have been multiple studies which prove that good sleep protects vascular health and also helps in maintaining the health of the brain and can also give a boost to the immune response.

Poor sleep is likely to cause cardiovascular diseases and contribute to other diseases like diabetes and depression.

A few researchers have been warning that sleep loss may affect a lot of aspects of memory and visual perception in a sever manner that driving post a sleepless night may be equally dangerous to driving under influence

Following this evidence, the researchers from a university in Michigan have been conducting more research on sleep attention and functioning

The findings show that the loss of sleep has a major effect on not just how well focus is maintained but also how the complex procedures such as placekeeping can be performed. The investigators had recruited 138 participants whom they had split in multiple groups. There were 77 people who had stayed overnight in the library and did not get sleep and the others had slept at their home.

The evening prior to that all the volunteers had taken part in two tasks. The first one had measured their reactions to a particular stimulus and the second one had taken their abilities of placekeeping which how they are going to follow many steps of complex processes with interruptions repeatedly and how well they will do in it.


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