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New Mathematical Model Offers Deeper Insight On How Drugs Interact

Mixing more than two drugs can be an effectual cure for diverse diseases, such as cancer. Still, simultaneously, the incorrect drug mixture can lead to major side effects. Presently there is no methodical knowledge of how various drugs manipulated each other. Hence, clarifying how 2 given drugs react, and whether they have an advantages effect, might indicate a primary step towards drug growth to cure diseases more efficiently in the coming period.

On a molecular stage, drugs lead to complicated perturbations of different cellular procedures in our body. These procedures are arranged by an intricate system of molecular reactions, the supposed interactome. Over the past years, various researches have disclosed a close connection between the functional organization of the molecular machinery and the structure of the interactome within the cell.

This unlocked the exciting opportunities for employing network-supported methods to probe the groundwork of both disease and healthy states. Following this fashion, Jörg Menche (the Principal Investigator) and his team at CeMM designed a new mathematical structure for mapping out accurately how various perturbations of the interactome manipulate one another.

The new research carried out by Caldera et al., shows the first normal approach to measuring with accuracy how drugs communicate with one another, on the basis of a mathematical structure that takes their high-dimensional effects into consideration. Their research discloses that the position of targets of a specific drug on the interactome is not accidental but instead localized inside supposed modules of drug.

They discovered that the position of a drug module is connected to the particular cell morphological alterations induced by the respective therapies, converting morphology screens to a valuable resource for the probe of drug reactions. Further they detected different factors that add to the advent of such reactions. Most particularly, the distance among two modules of drug on the interactome has a major role.

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