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Free Streaming By Spotify Can Now Be Accessed On Sonos Speakers

Previously this year, Spotify surpassed the mark for 100 Million Premium users. Those consumers were capable of streaming Spotify on Sonos devices. But Spotify has 248 Million users each month, and over 50% of those are on the plan (Spotify Free). Till now, free consumers were not able to stream songs on Sonos devices. These alterations are made this week. Due to a software update, Spotify Free consumers can now hear on Sonos.

To take benefit of the alteration, make certain the Sonos app is upgraded. Below Settings, Add a Service under Music & Content after selecting Services. You will then be capable of streaming via the Spotify or Sonos apps, or you can begin a playlist on voice-enabled devices with Google Assistant. Alexa does not yet operate with Spotify Free.

This is certainly a pre-holiday effort to make Sonos devices more charming to the millions of users who employ Spotify Free. Considering how many consumers stream without cost, it is honestly shocking that Sonos did not support this earlier.

On a related note, if you have been hanging onto an ancient Sonos device for forever but have been concerned in switching to a latest device such as One, Move, or Port, the firm may lure you more with its Trade Up initiative. If you have a suitable device, you can recycle your current product and claim 30% off a new one.

The initiative is open to users of Connect:Amp, Connect, ZP90, ZP80, ZP120, ZP100, and the first gen Play:5 currently. If you are one of those early accepters, you will be capable of following an upgrade procedure via the Sonos application. You will see a Trade Up segment in My Account, from which you can chose eligible devices you would like to trade in.

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