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NASA’ s human spaceflight mission gets a new head

A new head, Douglas Loverro, has been appointed for the human spaceflight mission of NASA. This was announced by Jim Bridenstine, the chief of the agency as he will hold the position of administrator (associate) of the agency for its HEOMD (Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate). Loverro will now look over the safe landing of NASA astronauts on the lunar surface in 2024 along with the forthcoming commercial crew programs to the ISS (International Space Station).

While Loverro might be novel to NASA, he possesses years of proficiencies in NSS (National Security Space), is Space Force’s vocal advocate and has promoted global cooperation in exploration of space.

Bridenstine passed high and worthy comments about Loverro in a statement saying that he worked along with Douglas Loverro on the Hill for several years and he was an appreciated deliberate leader both in defense and civilian programs, supervising the greatly complicated systems’ growth and implementation. He further added that Loverro was regarded for his bipartisan and strong work and during the ongoing NASA’ critical period when they’re in their concluding development of HSS (Human Spaceflight Systems), both for Artemis and Commercial Crew, the agency would be greatly benefitted with Loverro’s yearlong experiences with bigger programs.

Before joining NASA, Loverro was a member of the US DD (Department of Defense) and the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) for three decades. There, he was involved in developing policies for space activities related to national security. He has also worked as the Space Policy’s DASD (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense) from 2013-2017. Post that he ran an autonomous consulting firm.

Loverro has obtained his MSc in Physics from the University of N. Mexico with a BSc in Chemistry from the U.S. AFA (Air Force Academy). Loverro has also obtained Master’s degree in Pol. Science and Business Administration from the Auburn University and the Univ. of West Florid, respectively.

At NASA, Loverro succeeded Ken Bowersox, an ex-NASA astronaut, who has been working for the acting administrator (associate) since this July.

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