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Russia, Iran attempt meddling with 2020 election, says Zuckerberg

Facebook revealed new plans on Monday to combat interference for the 2020 elections. They will start labeling state-owned media, and provide better transparency on Facebook page sources. They have already encountered interference from overseas authoritarian governments.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has already reported to NBC News on an interview about Iran and Russia’s interference campaigns regarding them as foundation for manipulation strategies and how their company has thwarted them.

In an interview with Lester Holt, representative of NBC Nightly News, Zuckerberg discusses their strategies to be evolving. They have found an array of campaigns which are highly complex. These campaigns indicate the intensions of nations to interfere in the forthcoming elections. Zuckerberg adds about finding China’s interference in several elections and how they have been able to identify and put an end to them.

He goes on to comment on complex strategies used by China, Iran and Russia to intrude in the elections. Zuckerberg is confident for the 2020 elections because of their own tactics in guarding against these intrusions on important elections worldwide since 2016, like in Germany, India, France, Mexico, Brazil and the E. U. He has also signaled Facebook’s system advancement on their ability to seek out and eliminate this interference.

The company’s blog post announced the removal of four networks connected to groups, accounts and pages on Instagram and Facebook that have operated in inauthentic coordinated behavior.

Out of these four, one originates from Russia and three from Iran. Facebook have brought down over 50 networks in earlier years around the globe before the commencement of democratic elections.

Before the coming onset 2020 elections, Facebook is under investigation on their role in providing political campaigns a platform, also with election interference. A debate is going on about Facebook’s policy on permitting advertisements to run for political campaigns containing fake news.

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