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Police Body Cam Law By California Bans The Employment Of Facial Recognition

Earlier in August, supporters of California’s Body Camera Accountability Act highlighted a trial of facial recognition tools that detected 26 state lawmakers as criminals. They disputed that it displayed the errors of such tech, and now Gavin Newsom (Governor) has inked AB1215 into guideline, avoiding state law enforcement from “activating, installing, or employing any biometric surveillance tools concerning an officer camera or info gathered by an officer camera” via 2023. It goes live in January 2020.

Phil Ting, the sponsor of the bill, claimed regarding facial recognition technology, “It is not prepared for prime time, as it incorrectly matches innocent individuals with criminals, comprising me.” Matt Cagle, attorney for ACLU technology and civil liberties, claimed “Using this law, California has acted strongly to stem the extension of a surveillance state that shows an unprecedented danger to our liberties and rights. Police ace-scanning body cameras have no place on our roads, where they can be employed for discriminatory and dragnet surveillance of individuals living their lives, comprising their personal associations and locations.”

On a related note, Amazon earlier claimed that it is making laws to mange facial recognition tech, media claimed. Apparently, the firm expects that federal lawmakers will approve its proposal as law. “Our public policy group is really operating on facial recognition laws; it makes a lot of logic to manage that,” CEO Jeff Bezos claimed to the media.

Earlier in February, Amazon shared “planned laws” for the liable employment of facial recognition for policymakers to mull over when creating new rules. But writing the laws goes one step forward.

Amazon has been condemned for its own “Rekognition” software, which displayed a race and gender bias. Tech companies and lawmakers, comprising Microsoft and Amazon, have asked for facial recognition to be managed. A few areas have prohibited the tech, and private firms such as Axon claim they will not use facial recognition until it is more precise.

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