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Second person dies due to the Legionella Bacteria in North Carolina.

The health officials of the state have confirmed that a second death has happened due to the Legionella Bacteria which has infected over 100 people who attended a fair in North Carolina in the previous month.

The officials of the department of health and human services division of the public health have confirmed that there were 134 cases of the disease or what is called the Pontiac Fever in the people who had attended the N.C. Mountain State Fair in 2019 which had taken place from 6th of September to 15th of September in Fletcher at the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center

There are 88 people who have been hospitalized.

The personal information of the patients which included the location, ages and the genders of the victims has not been released yet.

The epidemiologist of the state, Dr. Zack Moore has sent their condolences to the families of the two dead people’s families and to everyone else who had been affected by the disease.

The disease is a serious one and can lead to many complications as well as death particularly in the individuals who are older and have these underlying conditions.

Though the officials have not confirmed the source of these deadly bacteria yet, there have been signs by the officials that it was a hot tub on display which is the most probable culprit.

The preliminary findings with relations to epidemiology and environment have suggested that the bacteria had occurred in the WNC Ag Center in the final five days of this fair particularly near the hot tubs.

The hot tubs have been established as a major source of the water exposure and have had its associations with the disease previously as well.

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