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Next Self-Flying Drone By Skydio All Set To Take On DJI

When Skydio launched the completely self-directed R1 drone, it was really impressive. You did not require wearing anything (such as AirDog), and its visual tracking system was sufficiently smart to prevent almost any hurdle in its path, even at speed. But the R1 was sort of big (similar to a huge pizza box) and had a price tag of $2,500. You also could not actually manage it yourself in a significant method, so it was not as adaptable as cheaper Mavic 2 Pro by DJI.

The Skydio 2 is the second device from the firm and is much tinnier, has an enhanced camera, can be driven same as a normal drone using an extra controller, and has a “Beacon” secondary controller that is ideal for active pursuits. Also, it has a cost tag of $999. DJI may have been in shock right now. And if it does not, perhaps it should.

The Skydio 2 seems like an actually user-friendly device. It is almost 8 Inches x 10 Inches x 3 Inches in dimension, making it much more sensible to carry. The R1 employed 13 cameras to create a 3D model of the surrounding. Using the Skydio 2, there are now just 6, which are much higher in quality (45 total MPs versus the R1’s 3).

On a related note, a company dubbed as UAV Turbines earlier completed successfully the opening flight of its Monarch 5 engine, which is fundamentally a small variant of the engines you witness on planes. The firm claims this indicates “the first time a drone has been fueled by a turbine engine.” UAV Turbines thinks its tech can offer the commercial customers and military with an “efficient, reliable, heavy-fuel, safe propulsion system.” It clarified that the UAV industry is about to develop much more in the years to come.

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