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UAW workers fear the worst with switch to Electric Vehicles.

The talks between the striking members of United Auto Workers and the General Motors management are something that at the exterior appears to be about disagreements over payment. However, the reality of the strike is about the future of the carmaker in the United States.

The anxiety of the members of UAW and the uncertainties are also something that GM is also concerned about like a lot of other vehicle manufacturers because there is a looming threat of the combustion engine cars might be replaced by electric cars.

This transformation would mean that there is a paradigm shift in the nature of work and the number of workers who are needed for the manufacture of these cars.

The electric vehicles have significantly fewer parts which imply that a lot less people are going to be involved in the making of the parts. Analysts have commented that there would be 125 more moving parts in the Volkswagen Golf or Chevrolet Bolt than any electric vehicle. The parts of the electric vehicles are also assembled using machines which are automated. The estimates of UAW suggest that with the company moving to electric vehicles, close to 35,000 of its members.

GM has tried appeasing the UAW with promises which include the construction of electric battery plant in one of the cities of Ohio which has been affected worst by the recent closing of factories. However the tactic has only added fuel to the fears of UAW about the shirt to battery plant which is not going to mean well for the workers because these plants are going to involve a much more difficult assembly.

This rift has only added worsened an already struggling automotive industry.

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