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UK Court Claims Google Must Face Lawsuit Regarding Safari Privacy

A UK class action court case blaming Google of breaching privacy of Safari users is getting a second chance after its initial refusal. The Court of Appeal has claimed that Richard Lloyd (consumer rights advocate) can proceed with the case, which blames that Google breached privacy settings of iPhone users to trace web habits from August 2011 to February 2012. The case might “quite correctly” take Google to task for “purposeful misuse of personal info without permission” if the accusations are true, Sir Geoffrey Vos (High Court chancellor) claimed.

Google claimed to the media that it planned to appeal the reversal to the nation’s Supreme Court. It claimed that the incident “happened almost 10 Years ago” and that it had “dealt with [it] at the time.” The case “has no value,” the firm added.

The case might prove pricey for Google if successful. The Internet behemoth already gave $22.5 Million in US fines over its Safari methods, but Lloyd thinks the UK case can cost significantly more. He predicted that damages can run almost £750 ($921) per individual, or £3.3 Billion (just more than $4 Billion) overall. End consumers may not see much of that cash in practice.

On a related note, a new error is marring Lenovo’s Smart Display. The error, first seen by Android Police, locks the machine in a continuous loop of update where it hangs at almost 45% and then reboots. After rebooting, it will make an effort to install the same update one more time, only to repeat the whole process again.

Some Smart Display users have been capable of successfully bypassing the error by setting it the device again with all the defaults settings and resetting their device via the Google Home app. Others have had luck by just allowing the Smart Display operate via the update for a few days.

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