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Planetary Defense Experts Meet In Europe To Discuss Risky Asteroids

In a couple of days experts of planetary defense and other related area will meet in Europe and discuss how they can defend humanity from deadly space rocks. The upcoming meet of experts in Europe is a straight vindication that asteroids could impart devastation on the planet earth. Moreover, it is also a testament for a fact that humans are now capable of taking necessary steps to protect themselves from the risk of asteroid impact.

As per the latest reports, scientists have stated 878 asteroids under risk list. The list brings several asteroids which don’t have a chance to impact the surface of the earth in long time duration, thus it can’t be said that they won’t impact the earth in far future.

Even asteroids which are small in size can lead to serious destruction and wipe out cities. This is the main reason why ESA along with several international partners is planning to search for asteroids so that they can deflect their path in future.

In the meeting, scientists will discuss over vital topics like asteroid deflection, asteroid warnings and emergency measures which are needed to be taken. During the collaboration of ESA/NASA, scientists will witness NASA’s DART getting crash with asteroid Didymos-Band and cause a deflection in 160 meters asteroid.

After this Hera mission on ESA will survey the site of crash and gather data related to the collision. The workshop of AIDA will bring spacecraft engineers and asteroid researchers together from Europe, US and over several parts of the world so that they can discuss on asteroid deflection planning which is scheduled for 2022.

On September 12-13, NASA and ESA will meet in Munich to discuss over concerns related to asteroid impact. The main topic of discussion will be asteroid 2006 QV89’s non-detection and how to communicate with media general public regarding asteroid warning. After this scientists will meet in Darmstadt on September 16-17 and discuss about the understanding of asteroid threat with the help of workshop.

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