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Blocked Artery Repair Offers Major Assistance After Serious Heart Attack

Reportedly, an international study showed that opening all blocked arteries with stents following a major heart attack is much better than unclogging only the single blocked artery that leads to the heart attack. Around half of all heart attack patients are seen to have more clogged arteries as well as the one that caused the heart attack. Earlier doctors aimed at opening the one artery accountable for the heart attack, excluding the other obstructions for treatment with medication alone. The recent study, known as the COMPLETE trial,—with the collaboration of 130 hospitals across 31 countries—showed that unclogging all the blockages is better than curing only one blockage that caused the heart attack. This caused a 26% reduction in the patient’s peril of dying or experiencing a recurrent heart attack. The study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Dr. Shamir R. Mehta—Study’s Leader from the McMaster University—said, “Given its huge size, global scope and focus on patient-centered results, the COMPLETE trial would change how physicians treat this condition and avert thousands of recurring heart attacks internationally every year.” He added that though it had been clear that opening of the single clogged artery—which caused to the heart attack—with stents was helpful, it was not clear whether supplementary stents to clear the other blocked arteries furthermore prevented heart attack or death. In most of the cases, the physicians would just treat the more blockages with medication alone.

On a similar note, recently, a study discovered that most perils for strokes, heart attacks, deaths around the world could be improved. Over 70% of cardiovascular disease and deaths across the globe might be accredited to a small number of normal but modifiable risk factors. An international study has found some of the perils are the same around the world, like low education or hypertension, but other risks differ by a country’s potential of economic development, like poor diet and air pollution which affects health in middle-income and low-income countries.

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