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Stay In A Space Hotel Could Now Be Made Possible

Astronomers are planning on making space a tourist center in the coming years. The people can enjoy a vacation on the other planetary bodies like the Moon or Mars. The current aim is to set up a hotel resembling International Space Station (ISS). The new hotel named Von Braun Space Station will use artificial gravity and also make visiting and long-term tenancy far more secure. The space hotel is guessed to have a rotating wheel of 620ft diameter so as to imitate the gravitational force similar to that experienced on the Moon. The hotel will have sleeping accommodation for 24 people along with other supporting features.

The space hotel will be made homely and totally cozy using natural fabrics, materials, paints, and warm-colored lighting sources. The new rotating space station will be constructed such that it will be creating ranging artificial gravity by speeding or lowering the rotation rate. The Von Braun Station will be designed to lodge people from national space agencies working on low gravity research and also space tourists who want to have a real picture of a space station. In the future, people can have the option of making a trip to space instead of the usual Disney World or a cruise vacation. The Gateway Foundation plans to get the Von Braun operated by 2025 and have 100 tourists making a trip every week.

The basic goal is to make a space trip open to everyone. As years pass by, the engineers hope to possible increase the accommodation up to 400. The space station modules are being thought of to be sold as private residences or rented by the government and space agencies. The recycling of the water for shower and other purposes is being worked on. Similarly, the ISS was never thought to be as important as it is today. It has been built in 12 Years with the support of many nations and since November 2000 has never remained unpopulated. To date, more than 2,400 experiments have been conducted there by 230 visitors or more. NASA and other space agencies along with space firms are planning on building a Lunar Gateway program so as take humans to Mars.

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