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World’s First-Ever Powerful Telescope Will Be Flown Into Space By 2021

Recently, a team from Northrop Grumman’s facilities in California has decided to join the halves of the James Webb Space Telescope. The telescope is ready for its launch in 2021 and it is believed to be the most powerful and intricate telescope to have been ever built. The moment it enters into space it will use its infrared light released by the planetary bodies in our Solar System to explore the Universe. The telescope can help us study the old and distant galaxies. The engineers lifted the halves of the telescope using a crane and assembled it into a single body for being further loaded on the spacecraft. The telescope will be having a shield to help keep it cool while at work.

NASA has ordered that the electrical connections and tests need to be checked prior to being sent into space. NASA has assembled each and every piece of the instrument along with the sunshield and the spacecraft into a single observatory so as to obtain some amazing picture of space. This milestone is a gem for all the years of efforts taken by space agencies like Northrop Grumman, the European Space Agency, NASA, the Canadian Space Agency, and others. The James Webb Space Telescope will be an exact copy to the Hubble Space Telescope. The new space science observatory is expected to help solve the various mysteries hidden in our vast Solar System.

The far off worlds, stars, and rare structures along with the evolution of the Universe can be well-explained through this new technology. The search for Earth-like planet has begun and the new telescope can help identify the environments fit for survival while orbiting far from the Earth. It was supposed to be launched in 2018 but due to delays in construction, it was postponed. The entire telescope set up summed up to US$10 Billion from its US$8.7-billion budget.

On a similar note, a UW doctoral student Jacob Lustig-Yaeger the James Webb telescope is believed to help learn vital information about the atmospheres of the TRAPPIST-1 worlds during its early days unless a catastrophic event comes it’s away. The TRAPPIST-1 system that is located 39 light-years away in the constellation of Aquarius is being eyed due to its seven orbiting rocky planets that have Earth-like atmosphere.

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