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Yutu-2 Spots A Jelly-Like Object On Far Side Of The Moon

Yutu-2, a Chinese lunar rover has recently found a rare object on the far side of the Moon. The rover found a glossy substance at the bottom of the impact crater and the researchers are now studying the strange mystery for gathering more information. The unknown substance discovered by the Chinese space agency is found to be gel-like along with a lustrous texture. The scientists have till date not been able to find what it is exactly. The material is assumed to be glass that has formed at the time of an impact that resulted in the crater. The Yutu-2 team had started their work on July 28 and after a long 2 Weeks work had planned to give the rover a midday nap when the rover came across the new substance.

The researchers have found the crater to be unique and thus, decided to roll the rover over the crater for a better glance. The gel-like substance was quite different from the surrounding regolith in terms of texture, color, and shape. The rover used its Visible and Near-Infrared Spectrometer (VNIS) to check the chemical composition using the reflected light. The Moon has a dry surface and the rover, thus, thought of the substance to be more hardened instead of a jelly-like object. Yutu-2 had fallen back to sleep on August 7 for a night as it turned on its solar power. On August 25, the rover woke back on a lunar day and started its journey again for more discoveries.

Similarly, China’s Yutu-2 has driven over 250 meters to reach up to the virgin territory of the Moon. The lander along with rover of Chang’e-4 probe turned off to a sleeping mode on a lunar night. The idea of exploring the far side of the Moon was to find even more unique substance than the ones found till date.

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