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Instead Of Poop, A Blood Test Can Now Help Know More About Gut Microbiome

The gut microbiome is something that the researchers are deeply studying in order to understand the intestine better. Our entire health is connected with the well-being of intestines. In the standard procedures, the poop samples are tested for knowing about the community of bacteria. The idea of bottling feces is not the only way to gain knowledge about the gut. The Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) researchers are now planning on using a blood test to study the state of the microbiome in the gut. In the past few years, microbiome start-ups have shifted to drug discovery for treating Finch Therapeutics and Maat Pharma. Seattle-based Viome is also distributing microbiome insights for improvising health. The researchers are trying to explore the diversity of microbes.

According to Dr. Sean Gibbons, clinical health and diversity in the gut have a connection. The low number of the microbiome is found to cause recurrences of Clostridium difficile. This is a new life-threatening bacterium that comes back after the patients have undergone antibiotic treatment. The idea of preventing the chances of recurrence can help save money and lower the suffering of the patients. The fecal transplant could help patients with failed antibiotic treatment. The blood test could help screen the patients at risk. A Seattle startup, Arivale, along with the researchers are developing the test to help people stay healthy and avoid the painful cycle. The startup failed to stand out in the market but the ISB researchers enhanced the test and helped the firm gain some momentum in the market.

Similar to the blood test, Thryve Personalize has developed a new product named Thryve Gut DNA Testing & Personalized Probiotics in order to help people explore the gut microbiome and create a dietary plan to help repair the gut through the best of the foods and probiotic drinks.

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