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New MRI Technique Can Diagnose Flaws In Heart Without Damaging Kidneys

Reportedly, 3-D MRI computing can calculate the tension in the heart by utilizing an image registration method. The traditional technique involves administering the patient with a dose of gadolinium that can impact the kidney, scientists at the University of Warwick discovered. MRIs are utilized to identify cardiac disease like heart attacks, cardiomyopathy, irregular heartbeats, and other cardiac diseases. Usually, when a patient goes for an MRI screening they are administered with a dose of gadolinium that reacts to the magnetic field of the scanner to create a picture of the protons in the metal readjusting with the magnetic field.

The quicker the protons readjust, the brighter the image attributes and can demonstrate where the dead muscles are present in the heart and it is easy for diagnosis. The dose of gadolinium could have damaging effects on other parts of the body, mainly the risk of kidney failure. A new 3-D MRI focuses on HTM (Hierarchical Template Matching) technique. The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports. Professor Mark Williams—at the University of Warwick—stated, “By using 3-D MRI computing method we can see what is happening to the heart and heart muscles in more depth, and identify any issues like the remodeling of heart that leads to heart failure. The novel method avoids the peril of damaging the kidney that is opposite to what traditional methods do by utilizing gadolinium.”

On a similar note, a genetic therapy healed damage resulted by a heart attack. The scientists from KCL (King’s College London) found out a therapy that can stimulate heart cells to revive subsequent to a heart attack. Myocardial infarction—commonly known as a heart attack—is caused by the abrupt obstruction in one of the heart’s coronary arteries and is the major reason of heart failure, a condition that at present impacts more than 23 million people globally, as per the WHO (World Health Organisation).

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