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Poor Water Quality Associated To Sweetened Beverages Consumption

The intake of sugary beverages is common amongst the infants and toddlers residing at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and it can be down to water quality, as per to research from the ANU (Australian National University). Dr. Katie Thurber—Lead Author of the study—stated that there are clear likelihoods to advance nutrition for children at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, in addition to non-Indigenous kids across Australia. Dr. Thurber said, “The families residing at national and remote settings have expressed the apprehensions regarding the quality and safety of drinking water. This will make families avoid tap water and rather purchase bottled drinks or any other sugary drinks.”

The study analyzed for over 900 children from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander of 0–3 Years. She said, “The good news is that we have discovered half of the children from 0–3 Years during the study had never intake sugary drinks.” Nevertheless, the bad news is that the other 50% in the study had drunk sugary drinks, and this began during the first year of life. The consumption of cordial was most normal, at 47% of all children, followed by a soft drink at 19% and sweet coffee, tea at 13%. These young kids were less prone to have sugary drinks if their families encountered socioeconomic advantage, limited stressors, social support, good health, and support from health services. The research was published in the journal Public Health Nutrition.

On a similar note, a study stated that even a small glass of soda or juice daily can surge the risk of cancer. Researchers have previously cautioned against drinking juice or soda. Now they say that even a small glass can pose potential dangers, as per to a new report. The scientists from health institutions in France in recent time conducted a study that was published in the British Medical Journal. The study was led to determine the link amid cancer risk; sugary drinks—like 100% fruit juice—and artificially sweetened drinks such as diet beverages.

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