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US Permits VW To Access Public Sector Contracts But On Contractual Terms

The US has permitted Volkswagen to actively participate in public procurement contracts despite emissions scandal. However, the automaker would have to set up a second US monitoring system at its German headquarters, according to a Volkswagen spokesperson.

The US monitoring system installation is the part of the latest agreement signed between the German automaker and the USEPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency). However, the agency has set some terms and conditions for Volkswagen to regulate its business in the US after the company confessed using illicit software to trick the U.S. pollution assessments.

The scandal, which became globally popular with the name of Dieselgate, actuated a global criticism against diesel automobiles and smashed the company with penalties and fines of $33 Billion or 30 billion euros.

German business Handelsblatt newspaper was the first to publish about VW’s latest contract with the EPA. The automaker stated that the agreement includes its eligibility for public sector contracts, in return for installing a new monitoring system for up to three years.

This contract is crucial for VW as MAN Energy Solutions—recently acquired diesel engine-manufacturing company by the automaker—is constructing giant diesel engines, and some of those engines are used by the U.S. Navy and coastguard.

On a related note, Chinese renowned ride-hailing services providing company, Didi Chuxing, announced at the end of last month that it plans to launch robotaxi service in the nation’s biggest city, Shanghai. Soon, residents in Shanghai can call autonomous cabs using the smartphone app.

The company’s fleet would include 30 different models of autonomous cars based on autonomous driving level 4 in Jiading, district of Shanghai. However, Didi’s pilot project continues operating its driver-directed cars along with the upcoming autonomous cars.

Apart from Didi, other companies are also working on similar projects, such as is focused to launch autonomous vehicles in Guangzhou and Baidu is getting ready to launch robotaxis in Changsha.

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